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Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Works of Lauren Luna

I first came across this site from a twitter post.  At the time i was also in search of a visual artist site for inspiration to code a site for a client.  Besides the visual achievement of the site - Artista's (Lauren Luna's) art and designs are vibrant and appealing.  Indeed it is the black and white photography that first caught my eye (lol).  Check out the site, support the artist... LIFE!

Link: http://www.artistaluna.com/

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

KHEMETIC GODDESS: Simple Text Treatment

DESIGNER'S NOTE:  One of my ongoing assignments is to do the editing and text treatment for visual artist Gabrielle Berwick's blog-Portfolio. This requires making the best decisions that will complement her unique artistry.

In this assignment - i pen tooled out the "Khemetic Goddess" in CS4 Photoshop and laid it against a plain white background. I complimented the art piece by then adding khemetic text (hieroglyphics) to the all white background and lowered the opacity. For the main text "KHEMETIC GODDESS" i borrowed from the darker charcoal color in the drawing for color treatment (straight black would have taken away from the natural charcoal feel of the art piece in my opinion).

After treating the original drawing with some effects to lift the drawing off the page, i laid it over the khemetic text background. To close it out I went with a thick font to fill out the page, as well as to add emphasis to the Khemetic Goddess theme.

It's always a pleasure and an inspiration working behind Gabrielle. Her work motivates you.


M. Anthony aka B. Divine
interactiveMEDIA & webDESIGN

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Photo Argus: 40 Great Photographer Portfolio Websites for Inspiration

"Here is a collection of fantastic portfolio web design. I think this will be worthwhile for anybody who wants to create an online portfolio for their photography and is looking for some inspiration. As an added bonus you get to look at some amazing photography." - Bill Jones

Link: http://www.thephotoargus.com/inspiration/40-great-photographer-portfolio-websites-for-inspiration

Mother and Sun pt.1

This photo was taken approximately two years ago. Gabrielle wanted to take photos with the children so we arrange a date and executed.

In this photo: Gabrielle Berwick (Visual Artist: www.gbvisualart.blogspot.com) and Imhotep Amun Heru.

Location: Miami, Florida 2008

Flash CS4 Tutorial: How To Motion Tween

Photoshop CS4 Tutorial: The Lomo Effect + More!

Content Aware Scaling

This tutorial displays one of the new features in cs4 called "Content Aware Scaling".

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Beautiful Black and White Photography

Once again... Stay Inspired!

Change The Thought [dot] com

I often go combing the net (internet) for inspiration when i get that designers creative block.  This site helped me to get back on track as well as gave me a few future business ideas.  If you ever get in a jam, look for inspiration...

Art & Design on the move...

Stay Inspired...

Friday, November 20, 2009

Barnegat Light House

This is one the first websites i coded (css/html) as a student at the Art Institute.
There are many different things i could do to the site to enhance it with the skills i have now.  I will probably do a Barnegat Light House.5 with a few new techniques.  But as far as this one, it inspired me to stay with the interactive media and web design program at The Art Institute so i keep it as is to remember where i came from.

click on the link to go to the actual site.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Color & Image


This color palette was created from this art piece "Jay Z Rendition" for the redesign project below.

original site: www.dgoldsteinphd.com

Choose a small business Web site to redesign. You will redesign the home page and provide a design treatment using the palette you created. Include imagery (photograph or illustration) as a key element of the design. Utilize content from the business site you pick.

In this redesign I re-thought out the sequence of the navigation into two sections. One section dealing with the reason why clients or a potential client may want to visit the site. The other section pertaining to added services provided by the small business.

I also created in my opinion a more vivid upfront sub-menu that gives the audience a more straight-up approach about the company and it's services.

Instead of the dull background imagery used in the original site. I use one picture of the universe to create the header and another picture for the main background to give the design a full universal imagery.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Ends Meet

Whoa!... I actually found it.
This is a photo i took during Mardi Gras 2009 in the N.O. (New Orleans).
It was a random shoot; I saw a scene and took advantage of it.

Later on I had a class project that had to be turned in within a day or so.
So i dug in the archive and pulled this one out and colorized it using PhotoShop CS4.
The areas colorized were pen tooled out after I manipulated the photo to black & white and edited it with the color mixer.

I titled this piece "Ends Meet" because it looks as if the people in the photo were trying to make ends meet.

Live Life 2 The Fullest!

-M. Anthony aka B. Divine

Saturday, November 7, 2009

My 1st Profitable Passion: Photography

My first passion in Media Arts was photography. One of the first companies i worked with as a photographer (actually they spawned my interest) was Sharp Shooters in Miami, Florida. At that time Sharp Shooters specialized in Album Covers, Model Portfolios, Magazine Ads and Personal Portraits. It's been years now that the company has been dismantled; but some of my business partners that i still associate with in Miami have moved on to Video Production and Editing. I am still thankful for Sharp Shooters for giving me an "eye" on things... LIFE!

(maybe I post some of my earlier work from 1994- and beyond later on...)

In The Video: Vietnamese photographer Binh Nguyen shoots models Bebe Pham and Laury Prudent on a beautiful yacht in Cebu, Philippines.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Drum Session: Ogun Dare

I've always been a fan of black & white photography sincemy earlier days of photography class at Miami-Dade Community College.This photo was actually in color and manipulated to black & white and colorized (bracelet) via Adobe Photoshop CS4.

Location: New Orleans (Mardi Gras 2009)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Inspiring Artist: The Works of Li Wei

Every now and then i come across some amazing work that
inspires me to keep moving forward as an artist. Li Wei is
an "a contemporary artist from Beijing China, has been taking
self portraits to new heights… literally!..." as stated by
www.webdesignerdepot.com. Take some time to peep through
some of Wei's work. I hope you appreciate his dedication as i
do. Forward!


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Information Design: Formating

Design with 960 Grid overlay

This design was done using the 960 Grid for a layout (TOP).
The 960 Grid is normally used for sites with a lot of
content. Using grids is helpful for visual balance and
content placement. Rock On!